At Pacific Building Maintenance, Inc. our highly skilled janitors and technicians are essential to our mission to provide the highest-quality janitorial and building maintenance services.  Education, training, directional leadership are the key to our success.  To attract and retain the best, we compare ourselves to the market to ensure that our benefits and wages are more than competitive.

As a result we enjoy very low turnover rates and a robust pool of qualified personal in the wings.  We have built a reputation for providing a highly skilled, extremely stable, work force for our clients. We deliver no excuses. First time right commercial janitorial and building maintenance services.

Pacific Building Maintenance, Inc. is committed to a positive and productive relationship with all of our employees, clients and vendors.  Keeping the lines of communication opened.  Working together fairly and with honesty because, without them we have no Company.

Only top quality equipment and products are used to ensure the best possible results.  Our  green technology will benefit our clients and our planet.

We are a locally owned and family operated business,

Simply the best

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