Today, is a dark and rainy day in Portland, Oregon. So watch out for slippery floors. Most floor finishes are slippery when wet unless professionally treated chemically after application to crate wet slip resistance. The slip resistance of the floor finish is not constant, but is affected by what happens to the finish after it’s applied. Buffing or burnishing may reduce or increase slip resistance, and it’s important to follow correct procedures as specified by the reputable manufacturer. Also. make sure that dust particles of finish do not remain on the floor surfaces after buffing; these can create a slippery situation even when dry. To detect this dust in subdued light, place a lighted flashlight on the floor, so the beam is parallel to the floor. This will make the dust easy to see. Floor care staffs and or janitors who’s job it is to do hard surface floor work can often have an annual turnover rate far exceeding 100%. The training and supervision must make clear that safety of the floor is as important as its appearance and the direct cost of maintenance. Indirect costs of inappropriate maintenance includes the costs of injuries to employees and visitors. Now that the raining season is on us. Keep your floors safe and looking their best by having my Company take care of all you facility needs. “I know now that there is no one thing that is true-it is all true” Ernest Hemingway