Client Testimonials

Lumber Products

“The quality of service has been good for the last 5 plus years. The cleaners come in after hours to perform duties and communicate through a service log. They are proactive 95% of time, taking care of issues such as floor care and window cleaning before they become a problem.  They are highly recommended, have low pricing, perform quality work and are very responsive to our Company needs”.

    • Lumber Products 12 acre Campus: Tualaltin, Oregon
    • Branch Facility 25k sq. ft. Class A offices
    • Mill Facility 75k sq. ft. Manufacturing 8k sq. ft. class A offices
    • Corp. 15k sq. ft. Class A offices
    • Over 55 locations in 4 states



Stack Metallurgical

“Stack Metallurgical is a manufacturer that operates 24/7 and the cleaners are very good at performing their duties with out disrupting operations. Cleaners are both proactive and reactive to unforeseen issues.  They suggest when floor and window care should be addressed and they respond quickly to issues or emergencies when called.  A log is used to communicate concerns to the cleaning supervisor, and it has only been used a handful of times in the last 9-10 years Pacific Building Maintenance has been servicing us. Their pricing for regular services is relatively low.  When a special project is required, it is worth the extra costs for the quality of work provided”.

    • Stacks Facility: Swan Island, Portland, Oregon
    • 80k sq. ft. 80% manufacturing 20% class B Corp. Offices.


Alsoco (American Linen)

“Pacific Building Maintenance services the cafeteria, offices and working flooring.  They are reactive to problems and issues, addressing most concerns the same day they are identified,  The cleaners are security conscience quality workers that provide quality service and are highly recommended”.

  • Alsco: Columbia Blvd. Portland, Oregon
  • 90K  sq. ft. over 250 employees cleaned nightly Class B offices.